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FFS Plastic Film Bag is an injectable type?
- Dec 11, 2018 -

FFS plastic film Bag is not injection molding, is blown molding. Continuous production of "molding-filling-sealing (form-fill-seal, referred to as FFS)" bag blowing film products, is the development of a heavy packaging membrane technology in recent years, mainly used in large-scale polyethylene, polypropylene and other synthetic resin products automatic packaging line. Tube Membrane method (that is, blowing film process) has become the best production method for the production of FFS bag film products in China. FFS bag Blowing film technology according to its product form is different, but also divided into single-layer extrusion and multi-layer extrusion technology. Their production principle is basically the same, mainly the equipment is different. Single-layer membrane extruder mainly uses a larger single-screw extruder and configuration of a single die head, three-layer co-extrusion equipment is divided into three smaller extruders and equipped with automatic adjustment of three layers of laminated blow film head, other equipment is the same.

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