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Main advantages of automatic forming sealing bag
- Dec 11, 2018 -

1, can withstand 70~80℃ high temperature filling and dozens of handling turnover;

2, bag surface flat, smooth, beautiful, rich pattern content, clear color, and has anti-counterfeiting;

3, sealing, moisture-proof, waterproof and anti-fouling performance superior, can be stacked in the open, easy to transport and storage, the internal products do not melt, do not agglomerate, do not lose the quantity, quality does not lose;

4, packaging Bag formulation is special, in case of high temperature does not soften deformation, in case of cold does not brittle break rupture, anti-ultraviolet, color stability, compared with plastic bags, can make the storage of external packaging and internal products, shelf life extended one time;

5, flexible package capacity, according to different businesses on the color, thickness, specifications of the different requirements of the design and production, can be adapted to the needs of different manufacturers and different regions; 

6, FFS membrane packaging can improve packaging efficiency, reduce labor intensity.

As a result of the use of automated packaging form, packaging speed than traditional woven bag packaging to improve efficiency 3~5 times, the number of operating workers reduced by about 75%;

7, packaging bags easy to recycle treatment, protect the ecology; 8. With the application of new materials, the film thickness decreases gradually, the strength increases gradually, and the comprehensive packaging cost is better than the traditional packaging form.