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Brief Introduction Of FFS Heavy Packing Film Bag
- Dec 11, 2018 -

FFS (that is, form automatic cutting bottom molding, fill automatic filling, seal automatic sealing) Heavy packaging film is from the new PE raw materials and high-quality additives with three layers of co-extrusion blowing film production line and supporting four-color printing line production, referred to as FFS Heavy packaging film (bag).

It is dedicated to high-speed automatic packaging machine, is the packaging of granular and powdery solid products of soft packaging film. Because FFS blow molding film is easy to recycle, in line with environmental requirements, and in packaging, storage, transportation, moisture-proof and appearance and other aspects of excellent comprehensive performance, in accordance with international product packaging requirements and trends, in Europe and other developed countries have become a universal packaging film products. In China is also becoming a new type of packaging used by large enterprises such as petrochemical, gradually replacing the traditional composite film woven bags, it will become the main product of the future heavy packaging industry.

Anti-slip heavy bag is through multi-layer composite to form its high strength, high puncture resistance, through special process embossing treatment, the formation of two outstanding anti-slip belt, played an ideal anti-skid effect. During the production process, the four corners of the heat seal and punching treatment, to solve the product exhaust and code after the aesthetic problems.

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