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The Use Value Of Container Inflatable Bag
- Dec 11, 2018 -

1. Saving money: Can save you a lot of money spent on similar products.

2. Tailor-made: according to the goods specifications for your tailor-made, so that the protection is more perfect.

3. Increase Speed: The one-way reverse valve inflatable or air discharge operation is more rapid when packing.

4. Cargo safety: Fully fill the gap between the goods, support the weight of the goods caused by shaking, absorb vibrations, protect the goods from damage in transit.

5. International certification: Through the Swiss SGS International Quality System certification and the European Union rosh testing.

6. Environmental protection and energy Saving: the correct use of this product can be reused, that is, environmental protection and save your costs.

7. Fast over customs: Save the company's transportation storage costs.